On the ground: Helping Haiti recover

A massive earthquake in 2010 and the introduction of deadly cholera soon after dealt a double blow to an island nation that had few resources with which to respond. Today, the consequences of those back-to-back disasters continue to reverberate across the country, where many Haitians live in deep poverty.

Oxfam was there when the crises hit. Our emergency teams helped save many lives by providing clean water, shelter, and work opportunities for Haitians. And thanks to the generosity of donors like you, we are still there, tackling the even-bigger challenges of long-term recovery. We remain deeply committed to supporting rural families as they strive to create job opportunities and economic growth and to reduce their vulnerability to cholera.

Achieving lasting change takes time, patience, and resources. Help us meet the twin demands that humanitarian crises bring while Haitians continue their recovery and build a brighter future for their families.