Fair Compensation

  • Pay workers a living wage that enables them to support their families without relying on federal assistance or charity
  • Provide earned sick time, and
  • Provide health insurance coverage for workers and their families.

Healthy and Safe Workplace

  • Implement policies that allow each worker to work at a speed that does not inflict injury. This could include:
    • Setting the line speed at a pace that does not inflict damage on workers;
    • Providing regular breaks to allow muscles to rest
    • Allowing workers to rotate jobs to work different muscles
    • Providing sufficient bathroom breaks
    • Ensuring staffing levels are high enough so that someone can stand in for workers when they need breaks to use the restroom or to recover
    • Training workers on best practices to avoid injuries
    • Ensuring equipment is properly maintained (e.g., sharpened knives)
  • Make sure workers can report incidents without fear of reprisal, and
  • Provide appropriate medical care when workers are injured.

Worker voice and empowerment

  • Ensure workers have regular opportunities to talk freely with managers and supervisors;
  • Make sure workers can report problems and speak freely without fear of being penalized or fired, and
  • Establish a code of conduct that only punishes behavior that is illegal or dangerous, and provide workers a written copy of the discipline system policies.