Skip a Meal with Oxfam

Right now, all around the world, nearly one out of every eight people goes to bed hungry each night. But we see a future in which no one does.

Since 1974, hundreds of thousands of Oxfam supporters like you have taken the powerful step of skipping a meal during the Thanksgiving season to raise awareness about the millions who go hungry every day. And by donating the money you didn't spend on food, you can help Oxfam America fight hunger and poverty around the world.

When you skip a meal and donate the money you would have spent to Oxfam, you will make an immediate and lasting difference. Here are just a few more ways that your support will have an impact:

  • $20 can provide water purification filters for a family with little or no access to clean water.
  • $50 will enable a family to have enough seeds to plant and tools to cultivate their fields in a planting season, which is especially life-changing after a drought or flood.
  • $125 can fund a farmer field school to train people to grow food cheaply and efficiently for years to come.

Join the tradition. Skip a meal to raise awareness about hunger and poverty and make a tax-deductible donation to help feed families today.

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