Big Pharma: Make all COVID-19 Treatments & Vaccines Free and Fair

Access to COVID-19 vaccines and treatments will determine who lives and who dies. Who gets these life-saving goods—and when—will also determine how long this global health and economic crisis will continue to uproot our lives.

Many drug companies like Johnson & Johnson, Pfizer, and Gilead are getting millions of taxpayer dollars and making sky-high profits, but have so far refused to forgo monopoly control over the vaccines and treatments they are developing. While companies have committed to the idea of affordable access to all, they continue to use their political might to protect massive profits at the expense of public health. This is wrong and could have devastating consequences.

COVID-19 anywhere means COVID-19 everywhere. Vaccines and treatments will be useless if the people most affected can't get them.

In this unprecedented crisis, we must ensure ALL drug companies put people over profits, and hold human rights above property rights.

ALL US pharmaceutical companies should make all COVID-19 vaccines and treatments a global public good by:

  • Committing not to profit from the COVID-19 pandemic, and cooperating with governments to make all COVID-19 vaccines and treatments free to all who need them here and around the world
  • Forgoing monopoly control over all COVID-19 vaccines and treatments to allow for worldwide, low-cost production to meet the unprecedented demand
  • Committing to support fair global distribution based on need, not price or nationality
  • Becoming fully transparent about all public subsidies and tax incentives received, the true costs of producing treatments and vaccines, and all lobbying activities here and around the world

We must urgently act now to demand that Big Pharma take these steps to protect the most vulnerable people all around the world.


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