A Hunger Spike is Shameful

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Around the globe, 815 million people are battling the injustice of hunger. These numbers are staggering and represent a dangerous spike: hunger is on the rise – for the first time in nearly two decades.

Conflict and climate change are devastating some of the world’s poorest countries. In South Sudan, war-weary families are fleeing to Uganda – where access to food is threatened by drought. In Yemen, millions are trapped without enough food or water, and yet instead of calling for peace, the US is fueling the conflict with more weapons.

Meanwhile, rich and powerful countries are cutting funding to lifesaving programs and turning their backs on people suffering from circumstances beyond their control.

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  • Overcoming hunger and poverty is an act of justice, not charity.
  • Every life on the brink of starvation is worth saving.
  • In a world of plenty, a rise in hunger is shameful.