Tell Whole Foods: Help End Human Suffering In Our Food

Human suffering should never be an ingredient in the food we buy. Yet millions of people who fish and process the seafood sold by supermarkets like Whole Foods are working in appalling and unsafe conditions.

To put seafood on the shelves of major American supermarkets, workers in Thailand and Indonesia face dangerous, backbreaking conditions. Workers on fishing boats are forced to work for up to 20 hours a day but still earn only poverty wages. In processing plants, workers peel shrimp as fast as possible for hours on end, but can't afford to feed their own families.  Women face constant harassment while working for lower pay than men; they are also often denied the ability to use the bathroom at work and are discriminated against for being pregnant.

As one of the biggest supermarkets in the country, Whole Foods has a responsibility to act. Because we are their customers, we have the power to demand that the people behind our food are treated humanely.

To Whole Foods: Human suffering should not play any part in the food we buy. Please act now to ensure that workers who farm, fish, and process the food we buy:

  • An end to inhumane and dangerous working conditions
  • Fair pay for workers and farmers
  • Safe and decent work for women