Act now: Demand fair, safe working conditions for poultry workers

Roughly a quarter of a million people work on the processing line in American poultry plants. As they process the chicken we eat, they face dangerous conditions and poverty-level wages on a daily basis. These problems are industry-wide, but the four biggest poultry companies control nearly 60 percent of the chicken market. As industry leaders, they have the power to make changes to quickly improve conditions for their workers. But they won’t, unless they hear a loud and clear message from people like you. Please add your name below to demand respect for poultry workers’ rights.


I care where my chicken comes from – and I care deeply about the people who help get it to my family’s table. Workers in your factories deserve:

  • Fair pay and benefits
  • A safe working environment, and
  • A voice in the workplace.

Please implement changes throughout your poultry plants and lead the way in ensuring that your workers have the right to safety, opportunity, and dignity in their labor.

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