Workers in grocery stores across the United States are on the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic, risking exposure and possible illness in order to serve us. Many go to work every day because they cannot afford to miss work. Too many do not have access to paid sick leave or proper equipment and training to protect themselves. This isn’t right.

We must ensure ALL supermarkets put good policy measures into practice to protect workers and their communities.

To ALL US grocery stores: support your workers and ensure they remain safe and healthy by:

  • Providing paid sick leave and hazard pay for all workers.
  • Practicing social distancing in stores and ensuring all workers have proper protective equipment and training in order to stay safe.
  • Talking to workers and their union representatives to develop the best solutions for their health and protection. Supermarket workers themselves know the realities of their workplaces better than company headquarters do. They know what will work and what won’t.