Act now: Help keep Somalia’s lifeline open

Millions of Somali families depend on money from abroad to survive and meet basic needs like food, school fees, and healthcare. If these money transfers from outside of Somalia were cut off, the country would fall even deeper into crisis. Even a partial disruption in the flow of money would be devastating for Somali communities.

But harsh regulations have pushed many banks to shut down the accounts of Somali-American money transfer companies. On February 6, Merchants Bank, which handled an estimated 60-80% of the money transferred from the US to Somalia, was the latest to shut down these kinds of accounts. Now it is harder than ever for Somali-Americans to deliver support to their loved ones, and it could get harder still in the near future.

The US Treasury could step in and take action to ensure that this money transfer lifeline is kept intact – but they won’t, unless people like you speak up. Will you take action right now?

Tell the US Treasury: Step in and take action to keep the money transfer lifeline open.

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