Stand with women: Push for transparency

1.5 billion people live in countries rich with natural resources – but in some cases never see the benefits. Instead of sharing in the wealth generated by oil, gas, and mining projects, many communities face poverty, environmental damage, loss of land, and human rights abuses, and women often face the worst of these challenges.

Together, we’ve worked hard to change this – by fighting for transparency and empowering communities with the information they need to stop corruption. One of our biggest victories so far: part of the 2010 Dodd-Frank Act included a provision that requires oil, mining and gas companies to disclose the payments they make to U.S. and foreign governments.

But today, communities remain in the dark, without the tools they need to fight corruption – all because the Securities and Exchange Commission has been dragging its heels and hasn’t fully implemented this transparency rule.

With payments out in the open, companies and governments can be held accountable for how they spend the money earned from oil, gas, and mining projects. Armed with that information, activists, especially women, can push for more of that money to be spent back in their communities, helping to fight poverty and build roads, schools, and hospitals.

Join us: push for transparency and stand with women activists who are fighting for their rights and their communities.

Write to your Members of Congress: Ask them to call on the SEC to finish the job on transparency.

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